We have formed strategic alliances with companies whose competencies augment our capabilities and offerings, extend our market reach, and increase customer satisfaction.

These collaborative relationships combine best-of-breed products and services to deliver end-to-end services and solutions for our customers.

Enterprise Solution Implementation Partner

AMZ solution is an implementation partner of SAP/MS AX/Oracle BizSuit. This partnership allows us to work for the customer projects of enterprise resource planning. The OEMs outsources a significant number of its software service needs to selected and highly competent partners. Our partnership with the OEMs is a testimony of our competency on their products, domains and respective technology.


Customer Relationship Principles

The core of our customer relationships is formed by two guiding principles:

  •  Associative-Collaborative-Enterprise Partnership Framework
  •  Relationship Maturity Model

Together these identify the key objectives and deliverables at each level of partnership with our customers, and the measurability of the factors, to ensure a win-win relationship.


Our Partners